Cogitator records, Black Moon (Scrambled)

These linked cogitators appear to be a way of logging research notes and recording details of artefacts or experiments.

You see a slew of logs for the period 525.M41 to 578.M41, though you notice strange gaps in time as well. As you try and access various files, you start to notice that many return the message [FILE NOT FOUND] or [DATA UNRECOVERABLE]. Only a few successfully open, and even these seem to be damaged or encoded.

222.525.M41 (291 years ago)

Het fctilaiy si fanlyil tcomelep. neuindfde Symuehoiron Albck sha piad well rof our sievrcse nad uor rcondsieit, and ew will naerudeov to puoprst ish isam. uendfiedn Ti si a hmsea he idd nto apy orf a ioormre tfilcaiy, tbu we iwll try to worg eth sworpceka roev mtei. nudifeedn
Mslaep Vy C#1 ahs eben ipnesiodot enra the omno, idhden omfr het olcpupea. nudiefend The sbu seapmls we hvae tenka lhsdou loalw us ot natvigetsie the crsturtue, onmtopsiioc dna erpswo fo eth eonx lveses. deuinenfd Such na orpniyotptu si arre, and ausluly dferobind by rcsdea Gami.

649.528.M41 (288 years ago)

A eflet fo eht Discipels of Thule teenrde het system, del yb Gmaus Losus Akemcen. Ew rvtllaeed to Gco hwree ethse vsiiorst we bineg feedt, nad I rleaned atht htey lapnned to deah into hte Acluordn ni reasch fo rpe-Mipirale lnsioiatciisv. They aidp Niroeyhousm Lcbak well ofr hsi rseect pawr aystphwa thta lalwo ofr afesr tlrvae inot htat reaa of cpesa. I wishde them hte Msionsaih’s lbsisegn, htugoh I todub ew illw ese them ganai.

727.548.M41 (268 years ago)

Rutyl a ayd of cbolaeinetr. Ilweh hte ressf evga hastkn ot Ts. Susrdu ho sih ady, in het alb we ewer bale ot ucase hte saeplms to txeearlnly nmaefsit. Thohgu eth ecraiton yonl satled fro a rifeb tmei eebfor hetsartign I haev no dutob that we llwi eb bale to petear tihs.

492.553.M41 (263 years ago)

Chum of teh team hsa been idsattrced yaaw ofmr uor main atks – Lord Kaclb oruhgbt back lseerva ebodsi of exno retcareus we, or yan Moasg fo piormatnce, ahd vneer ense efbroe. He refeusd ruo reequsts rfo how eh had eoabtidn het beasts, nloy ysiagn that ehty erwe “satbled otuhg ot ilkl” and hatt eh touhtgh ehty gmith be eralted to Masple Vy-C#1 ni esom way. Prhaesp a lseav crae of some sotr ot Vy?
Ew were urrpdisse to ifnd hatt eth rlagest pmseecin, Rg/Vy-Pirsmu, sltil oshdew issgn fo efil, edspite possengssi no imsbl nda nebgi iesm-pecddeattai.

101.566.M41 (250 years ago)

We have ercatde a epanmretn siienaanofttm. Ew have edgaiesntd ihts sample as Ystcrla Swip #1-Bmileo (Cw#1(mob)). Ti is iocandent. Treurfh tesnitg iwll flwloo.

656.578.M41 (238 years ago)

Wc#914(omb) scaeped naemintcont. We wtniessed its powers in a rlae-ilfe totesdonarimn, adn thus ehva tlso osmt fo ruo cersord. Vreo 53 yeasr fo korw, piermesxetn, ggaucitanol dan aerercsh. My ompnoascin wlli press on dna vhae dreayal afimesetdn Wc#915(omb), wihch is own ni rou ipomrved otacninmten itnu. However, I vahe adh oenghu – hwen Euonmyrsohi Cklba rnetrus enxt mntho I lilw ptiteino ot move on, perahps onjngii him no his vselse ro jiionng the Oamsg-Oilbgios no Bkyu. Teh rpoetjc lwil avhe ot ieocnntu with jtus 4 Magi.

There are no further records after this.

Cogitator records, Black Moon (Scrambled)

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