The Black Dynasty

With a history spanning millennia, the Black Dynasty can trace their origins back to before the Angevin Crusade into the Calixis Sector. In fact, the family had been based in Segmentum Solar during the Age of Apostasy, where they were first granted their Warrant of Trade and the Sword-class Frigate now known as the Harbinger of Glory.

It is evident that the family’s first forays into the Calixis Sector were as one among the many hundreds of Rogue Traders who saw participation in the Angevin Crusade as an opportunity to build a legacy in a new area of Imperial space. The family history is vague on the whys, but it seems that they briefly settled upon Malfi and were soon sucked into the feuding and customs of the world, and there they have remained (at least as their main base of operations) for the last 1,000 years.

The state of the family has varied significantly over the centuries, particularly depending upon the family’s willingness to invest in the use of their Warrant of Trade. Recently, the Black’s have reached somewhat of a zenith in their power, attracting attention from powers on Malfi and beyond.

On Malfi, in addition to an ancestral palace-apartment within Hive Minori, the family owns several manufactorum across Malfi producing a wide variety of goods. However, the Black Dynasty has spread its influence to other systems, particularly Penolpass and Bilani.

On the feudal world of Penolpass the Black family are considered the ruling dynasty (Kings and Queens) for a nation of almost 300,000 serfs and peasants. It is lost in time how this state of affairs came about but it is rumoured to have been the result of a card game. The Blacks possess a castle outfitted with technology far beyond the local capabilities, as well as a loyal force outfitted with modern weapons, to ensure that there is no resistance to their rule. Penolpass is primarily used as a “holiday home” by the Black family, but they also appreciate the ferociousness of warriors raised from this world.

On the agri-world of Bilani the Black Dynasty were initially part-owners and investors on the Southern continent.

The Black Dynasty

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