Svard (system)

Svard was founded about 200 years ago by the Black dynasty.

The Svard System is centred on an ancient star in the last millennia of its life. Once, it was home to numerous planetary bodies and flourishing biospheres. However, time and the brutal celestial forces of the void have reduced it to mostly asteroid fields and radiation clouds. Only a single true planet—Svard Prime—remains; a massive gas giant resting on the outer edge of the system’s dwindling bio-zone. As the star dies, however, and its gravity shadow shrinks, so too does its hold on the gas giant—setting off a rare sympathetic celestial phenomena which is diminishing the planet’s own mass. As a result, the gas giant is slowly losing the gravimetric pull to hold itself together and is gradually boiling away into the void. This has created the ‘storm’—an area of near void choked with charged particles and heavy vapours that now engulfs many of its moons. It is here among these moons, and within the storm, that the remnants of life in Svard remain.

Within the Storm of Svard-Prime, the primary moons are:

Svard, the Ice Moon – Svard is the primary settlement within the system.

Silence, the Saints Tower – Whilst the Ministorum maintains numerous shrines and temples on the moon of Svard, more extreme elements of the faith, led by a master sculptor named Quiva, decided to settle one of the nearby moons for their own purposes.

Cog, the Industrial Moon – On this moon, the people of Svard built a huge factory, which became known as the Cog, since it was the cog in the gears that made Svard turn.

Other locations with the storm include:

The Citadel of Psykers – An ancient solar station and its void born inhabitants, which has become lost in the Storm

The Hollow Worlds – Many of the smaller moons of Svard have been mined hollow over the centuries and then abandoned.

Kybu, the Hidden Jungle – Its subterranean tunnels teeming with a jungle of alien fungus created by one of Cog’s Magos.

Installation 23, the Promethium Refinery – a massive low orbital station and promethium refinery (located only a few thousand kilometres from the gas giant’s surface and well below even the lowest of the moons).

Svard (system)

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