The Crystal Council

The Crystal Council of Svard is the ruling body of the system, its articles and covenants laid down when the system was founded.

The majority of the members of the Council are representatives from powerful noble families. These families can either claim to be premier rulers of an ice-hive or they hold hereditary positions laid down by Heironymous Black – those with these privileges are widely thought to be descendants of his bastard children.

The Council currently has 15 members, made up of 12 nobles, Magos Tevla representing the Mechanicus, the Sky Marshal who heads the Planetary Defence Forces, and a final member who is picked by popular vote and serves terms of 5 years.

Ichabod Tal, Speaker for the Council, patriarch of the Tal family, ownership of docking services at Crystal Hive.

Jenessa Kompdon-Blick, a combination of the Blick clan which held a heriditary seat with the Kompdon family that possessed great wealth from trade. She is currently thought of as weak by other council members, as her husband’s death has weighed heavily on her.

Giacomo Randulfo, once the ruler of Aequaliter Nubila, Giacomo was growing in power as the newest Ice-Hive grew. Giacomo is greatly displeased with his new position as “head-jailer” of Svard.

Guisseppe Luca holds the ancient charters that allow his family to operate the orbiting Sanctus Terminus, and to charge for its facilities.

Lorelei Sable used to hold the largest share rights to profits make from exploitation of the gasses of Svard. Since losing contact with Installation 23 almost 5 years ago, Lorelei has been the most vocal towards mounting the missions to retake the station from the Whispered Ones.

Otto van Ebonei currently leads the Ebonei family, most powerful charter-holders of the Mining Guilds.

Umberto Jet, subordinate to Otto van Ebonei, Umberto is a powerful mining guildsman and votes with Otto on almost all issues.

Sebastian Hetmakker is the ruler of Frigidum, holding lordship over the generator plants. He is new to the council, having inherited when his father became one of the Whispered Ones and attempted to turn off heat within the hive and freeze all its inhabitants.

Brannicus Veenotar-Noir, represents the breeding of the Noir Line mixed with imported blood from House Veenotar. This merchant clan immigrated to Svard but found that despite their wealth they did not have sufficient political influence. Using what wealth and guile they had, they arranged a series of marriages with the women of the Noir family. Shortly afterwards, the majority of the Noir males died in suspicious circumstances, leaving the newborn Veenotar-Noirs with the Council positions.

Jerome Sarosius is a descendant of one of the “Founding Fathers” of Svard, who authored the Planetary Charter. The family has been entwined with the legal system of Svard ever since, as either judges or legal representatives.

Lucrezia De Loffo

Marie Periaptus

Duvile Lohrenhetz, a member of a family not related to Malfian immigrants or Hieronymus Black’s Bastards. They have expended much wealth on ensuring that their blood does not mix, importing wives and husbands from Scintilla, and making the money back through importing luxury items as well. Over the last 5 years, with trade at a stand-still, the Lohrenhetz coffers have run low.

Magos Tevla, head of Adeptus Mechanicus interests in Svard

Sky Marshal Valter Salvino, head of the Planetary Defence Forces and small fleet of system ships

Brander Gul, People’s Tribune. While the People’s Tribune is often nothing more than a symbolic role, with no actual power, Brander Gul also happens to be the Pontifex Mundi (local ecclesiarchal leader) of Svard, which may have helped him sway the populace’s votes. With this mixture of temporal and spiritual power on Svard Brander was in a powerful position. However, the rise of the Whispered Ones and the inability of the Imperial Faith to do anything about it has cut back his influence.

The Crystal Council

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