Gun Cutter

A generic term for larger armed shuttles, used by many void-farers. Not as heavily armed or armoured as dedicated Assault Boats, nor as agile as fighter craft or bombers, these nonetheless have their uses. They allow for the insertion of small teams onto enemy vessels, the landing of such teams on planets, or provide sufficient living and equipment space for a several day stopover on a planet or station for anything from a supply run to a archaeological excavation.


Able to carry 40 troops comfortably, 80 troops with a bit of a squeeze, and with bunks for up to a dozen individuals for a multi-day journey with provisions, and armed with a variety of mounted weapons, these ships can greatly aid a Rogue Trader.


The Guncutter aboard the Harbinger of glory was destroyed spectacularly in action against Stygian Reavers. The wreckage of the craft, and the Lady-Captain Aurora Black, were retrieved through swift action by Magos Bertha.

A “new” guncutter was purchased by Sigmund Severius. As a man who has served in the military he knew what to look for in such a craft – comfortable seats. And so the “Post Haste” was purchased, and moved into the Harbinger of Glory’s small launch bays.


Gun Cutter

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