The Harbinger of Glory

This Sword Class Frigate has been in the service of the Black Dynasty for centuries uncounted.


Ship Name: The Harbinger of Glory
Class: Frigate
Hull: Sword Class Frigate
Speed: 8
Manoeuvrability: + 20
Detection: + 21
Turret Rating: 2
Shields: 1
Armour: 18
Hull Integrity: 35/35
Space Used/Available: 33/40
Power Used/Available: 30/45
Weapon Capacity: 2 Dorsal
Crew %: 100/100
Morale: 90/90
Crew Rating: 30

Essential Components
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive
Strelov 1 Warp Engine: Required to enter the Immaterium.
Gellar Field
Single Void Shield Array: Provides 1 Void Shield.
Combat Bridge: A holdover from the ship’s Navy days, the Damage Control Station allows, as long as the Bridge remains undamaged, all Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship to gain +10.
Vitae pattern Life Sustainer
Voidsmen Quarters:
M100 Auger Array: External.

Shard Cannon
Location: Dorsal
Damage: 1d10+2
Strength: 4
Crit Rating: 3
Range: 6
Special: Designed by a long-lost alien race, this battery of weapons doesn’t seem to require power or ammunition. Attempts to disassemble these weapons often result in catastrophic failure. This will be exceptionally difficult to repair if damaged…

Mars Pattern Macrocannons
Location: Dorsal
Damage: 1d10+2
Strength: 3
Crit Rating: 5
Range: 6

Supplemental Components
Trophy Room: Few Rogue Traders can resist catalogue their accomplishments – trophies can awe competitors or hold secrets long lost… Past Experiences: When working toward an Exploration, Trade, or Criminal objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points toward completing that objective

Complications/Past History
Martial Hubris
The ship has a glorious legacy of warfare and triumphant combats. It is always eager to fight, and unwilling to back down. The ship gains +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire its weapons, but suffers –15 on any Pilot (Space Craft) Tests made to escape combat.

Some nameless horror haunts this vessel’s past, leaving voidsmen to whisper stories of ghosts wandering through the corridors and cabins. Reduce Morale permanently by 10. However, strange premonitions flicker on the auger arrays, granting a +6 to the ship’s Detection. Additionally, all non-crewmembers suffer –5 to Command Tests involving boarding actions or hit and run actions against the haunted vessel.

Total Achievement Point Bonuses
Exploration: 50 Points
Trade: 50 Points
Criminal: 50 Points


This class is a very old design, dating back to the earliest days of the Imperium. All its components have been redesigned, refined to a high level, tried and tested in innumerable engagements.

They are regarded as reliable even in extreme conditions.

Being an escort, the Sword is expected to come under fire, and so is designed with this in mind. Its bulkheads are thicker than would be expected, and the beams and supports that hold the ship together have redundant copies nearby, that will take the load if the primary beam or support fails. Due to this, the Sword can take more punishment than would be expected for a ship of its diminutive size.

Because of their performances, they are also valued by Rogue Traders who usually convert them in order to have their merchant needs suited. Pirate fleets are known to operate Sword Frigates as well.

Some parts of the history of the Harbinger of Glory are shrouded in mystery, such as how it came to mount a battery of xenos-built shard cannons, what is known is that the ship came to the Black dynasty alongside it’s warrant, granted as a reward for participation in campaigns against the Apostate Vandire, the vessel itself wrested from the Frateris Militant who served him (and some say still haunted by their misguided spirits). It has been a vessel in constant service to the Black Dynasty; while other ships have been won and lost by ancestors past, the Harbinger of Glory has always been there, it’s mere name evoking the fortunes that await.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 1.6 km long, 0.3 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 6 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 26,000 crew; approx.
Accel: 4.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

While in the hands of Lady-Captain Aurora Black, the Harbinger of Glory repelled two pirate raider vessels while traversing The Battlefield.


The Harbinger of Glory

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