Rhiner Gelt

Overseer Gelt is hoping his less-heavy-handed methods will bring profit to his backers


Gelt is a brawny, muscular individual and the most senior of the indentured workers, though his position as leader is due to the respect of his fellows rather than any rank bestowed upon him. Overseer Leerus recognises Gelt’s position when it suits him, using him as an intermediary when passing on orders or threats, to the rest of the indentured workforce.
Most of the serfs are the down-and-outs of Footfall, tricked or bullied into the service of the Kasballica Mission. Though most were promised remuneration, most have realised that they will lucky to return at all. They are considered expendable, and treated as such. Before the disappearances began, the workers were allowed a relatively free reign of the camp and its environs. When people started going missing, however, it was assumed that they had made some foolish attempt to flee and what few freedoms they had were ruthlessly curtailed. It became obvious that some external agency was at work when the first of the guards disappeared, and the workers have become ever more fearful. There are many within the ranks of the workers who would revolt against their brutal masters were they able—but even the most desperate know that without a means of escaping Egaria Omega, an uprising would doom them.

Many rumours as to the cause of the disappearances have circulated and Gelt has done his best to keep fear from overcoming the workers. Theories that Rhiner has heard include:
• The Guards are murdering workers as some sort of cruel game, or because they belong to a blood-sect that demands sacrifice on a regular basis.
• The Tech-Priests need spare parts for the servitors, as no such parts have been delivered during the semi-regular resupply runs.
• Overseer Leerus is under the influence of some mindcontrolling brain parasite that is compelling him to acts of cruelty and murder.
• An Imperial assassin is at large in the camp, his mission to eliminate the staff one by one.

Gelt is a true leader of men, and although few others know it, he once served as a sergeant major in the Barsapine Yeomanry, the planetary defence force of a minor hive world in the Calixis Sector. He saw plenty of action against recidivist elements of the underhive population and was highly regarded by his troops, but not by his superiors. Gelt cares deeply for the fate of his fellow workers, and bitterly resents the conditions they are all forced to work in. In particular, he hates Captain Bren’s guards, and he would not be averse to bumping one or two of them off should he have the chance. A mutual hatred is slowly coming to the boil between the workforce leader and the guard captain.

Gelt’s responsibility to his fellow workers remain his priority, but if tensions reach boiling point he will not hesitate to confront Bren, and if necessary, Overseer Leerus.

When this “Rogue Trader” arrived, Gelt was glad to put a face to the financial backers of the ruthlessness that the labourers have experienced – as aloof and clueless as he had expected. However, Gelt was particularly impressed by Confessor Sigmund’s sermon to the workers – he recognised him as a devoted servant of the Ministorum (despite his involvement with this illegal Cold Trade) and a former soldier. Gelt believes that Sigmund could be used as a possible ally against Overseer Leerus and Captain Bren.

When the chaos of the attack on the digsite began, Gelt retrieved a poor craftsmanship laspistol that he had hidden beneath a loose floorboard. Running out into the strange twilight of the world, Rhiner began to command the labourers, keeping a large group together, though many more turned to panic and ran straight into danger. Several labourers have now been armed with lasguns or autopistols by a set of guards arriving from the armoury, while others heft their plasma cutters and pickaxes. Gelt has managed to get the labourers to surround an alien monster and slay it, though at great cost of blood. Remembering his time in the Barsapine Yeomanry, Rhiner believes that if he can get the labourers and guards inside the maze-city he could set up a kill zone, preventing the alien beasts from bringing any numbers to bear.

Impressing the Explorers with his initiative and command ability, Rhiner was given increasing responsibility, forging a deal with the Rogue Trader and her crew. He accompanied them to the centre of the maze where he attempted to tackle the Monster in the Maze.

After the Monster was destroyed and the Rak’Gol cleared out, the Explorer’s re-established the digsite (at an alternative location) with Rhiner Gelt as the new Overseer.

Rhiner Gelt

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