Overseer Leerus

Leerus is imposing and large, a powerful man running a bit too fat as the years of administration catch up to him.


In appearance, Perhaps unsurprisingly, Leerus is a bitter man. He covets the riches that would enable him to rise within the Mission or even establish himself as a rival.


Leerus is imposing and large, a powerful man running a bit too fat as the years of administration catch up to him, and tanned from working under dozens of different stars, and accentuates this by wearing impressive-looking military uniforms invented by himself. He affects a haughty and proud demeanour, and truly believes the situation he finds himself in is beneath his talents.

The leader of the Egaria Omega expedition is a man known as Overseer Leerus, a long-serving agent of the Kasballica Mission. Leerus is well known in the circles of the Cold Trade, for he has led a number of expeditions into the Koronus Expanse. Despite his many successes, Leerus remains a relatively small cog in the workings of the Kasballica Mission, for he lacks the personal means to purchase a sizable stake in any of its investments, and must therefore serve, rather than lead. Never a man to tolerate failure in his underlings, Leerus had become a downright tyrant, pushing the staff of the Omega Dig ever harder in an effort to deliver results, and leading to rumours that he was murdering the dig staff.

His behaviour on the arrival of the Explorer’s did not impress the Lady-Captain Aurora Black. In particular, his cowardly conduct on fleeing to the maze-city immediately on the Rak’Gol attack led to the explorers sidelining him and stymieing his attempts to retain control. Imprisoned by the Explorers, in the final battle against the Monster in the Maze the creature attacked the Overseer, striking his leg with its warp-tinged weapons.

After the Monster was killed, the Overseer was confronted by Rexx Stormgard who made a wild accusation that turned out to be completely correct. His last veneer of control and power broken, the Overseer descended into a deep resigned depression.

On the journey to Footfall, the Magos Bertha replaced his leg with a cybernetic.

At Footfall, the Overseer was brought before Vladaym Tocara. Vladaym sent the former-Overseer to the Heretek’s to be made into a servitor, that he may continue to serve the Kasaballica.

Overseer Leerus

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