Orban "Engine-Coaxer"

The most senior tech-priest of the Black Hand, he has a love of power - electrical, chemical, mechanical...


A Tech-Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, you can just about tell from lkooking that Orban was once a man. One of his hands is a fine brass facsimile of a hand while his other arm has been replaced entirely with some kind of diagnostic tentacular-connector, which he uses to manipulate a glass of brandy. He retains a human mouth, which is often seen grinning at some technological marvel.

Orban is thoroughly engrossed in the mysteries of the Machine Spirits, and gains ecstatic joy from communing with the engines of the Black Hand. His slight Malfian accent betrays his training at the shipyards of Malfi.

Orban "Engine-Coaxer"

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