Magos Toronos

The master of the Mechanicus aboard Port Wander


The various machines and technological systems that ensure Port Wander’s continued functionality rely on the Adeptus Mechanicus and its local master, the great Magos Toronos. Mysterious and driven, Toronos facilitates more than is reasonable for an individual, yet does so with finesse and striking efficiency. Her strides, long and deliberate; her form, bulbous, amalgamated machine and flesh; the last sign of her gender, a feminine pronoun—few could mistake her as she makes her way about the Halls of the Mechanicus or the many other administrative centres on port.

Given the weight of Toronos’ daily business it would be surprising were she to accomplish anything beyond the Adeptus Mechanicus’ demands. This has not stopped a few jealous others from levying accusations in the port’s darker corners, claiming the Magos uses her power and resources to smuggle in artefacts both strange and dangerous to sate a debauched hunger for technology. Those who suggest this have little evidence to support their claims and would be hard-pressed to come up with more. Though, as history shows, lack of evidence rarely prevents the fabrication of falsehoods to sully the names of the powerful. If Toronos knows of these rumours, she pays them no mind and none have yet dared ask her directly. Regardless, her followers strongly outnumber her detractors and she exercises a position of undeniable strength among Port Wander’s power brokers.

Moreover, a lower citizen or visitor to the port may approach the Magos for her expertise or a prayer to the Omnissiah and they will undoubtedly receive what they ask for, increasing her popularity in turn. Such occasions are brief but always valued by the fortunate soul.

Magos Toronos

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