Lady Ash

A psyker who serves Hadarak Fel


Lady Ash is a silent, pale skinned psyker whose origins and homeworld are known only to her employer, Hadarak Fel. Her devotion to Hadarak is without question; a devotion that is sadly one-sided. Hadarak uses her as a favored instrument of his will against both his enemies and allies. However, he only values her life as long as it is of use to him, and when that usefulness comes to an end, he will discard her as he would do with any other possession.

Lady Ash is a rogue psyker (most would say witch) who has never been bonded or marked by Imperial authorities. However, where most rogue psykers exhibit crude, shaky control over their own power, Lady Ash has evidently been through some kind of formal training, though she never speaks of it. Lady Ash has incredible telekinetic potential as well as an uncanny ability to impose her will upon both beasts and the weak-minded. She is seldom encountered without her psyber-raven Pyrexia. This dark-feathered shadow is a potent tool in the hands of such a skilled psyker.

Lady Ash

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