Klavius Blesset

A Voidborn, he boasts of his youth on the cursed Misericord. He now serves as Helmsman of the Black Hand


Typically seen wearing what appears to be a combination of a naval uniform and a doublet bedecked with feudal heraldry, Klavius’s most obvious feature is his mask. A domino mask with holo-mist and glowing red eyes, the mask is divided with one side showing symbols of day and war and the other showing symbols of night and trade.

Klavius has spent his life as a caste-member of the “Lords, Siblings & Officers” aboard the Misericord, the Chartist ship that plies a well-trodden path around the Calixis Sector.

He has found adapting to the new traditions of the Black Hand jarring.

Klavius Blesset

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