Karadd Vall,


The Faceless Pirate Lord.

It is widely known that this dread Chaos Reaver has harried Imperial forces within the Koronus Expanse for decades. Thousands whisper his name with dread across the breadth of the Expanse, but none living admit to ever having seen his face. Karrad Vall may be a lunatic madman or a calculating genius. He might even be both. He has successfully assembled and maintained a substantial fleet of Reavers capable of operating throughout the Expanse. However, from there the stories differ.

A survivor of an attack by Karrad Vall has claimed that he had seen the Faceless Lord from a distance, and that he was a Traitor Legionnaire with power armour as black as soot, trimmed with brass. The eight pointed star of chaos emblazoned across his breastplate and ram-like horns twisting back from the temples of his helmet.

A man who claimed to have been enslaved on a Reaver ship, and who dared to look up when Karrad Vall was inspecting his new prisoners, says that Karrad Vall seemed to be nothing more than a jumped-up thug, a heavily-muscled man wearing ripped and torn leathers, accented by chains, spikes, and sigils of the Chaos Gods.

Karadd Vall,

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