Hadarak Fel

Hadarak Fel is an old Rogue Trader hardened by years sailing the void and facing its perils.


Hadarak Fel is an old Rogue Trader hardened by years sailing the void and facing its perils. Over a century old, he has kept his appearance youthful (scorning prosthetics and augmentations) through a rigorous regimen of rejuvenat treatments and xenos technology.

He also likes to dress flamboyantly, playing the part of the simpering noble or foppish merchant. This carefully cultivated appearance is all designed to keep his adversaries off balance and hide his true age and cunning. One of the few surviving members of the Fel Dynasty, Hadarak has earned a dire reputation among his peers as a potent competitor and merciless opponent.

Hadarak is ultimately self-serving and cares only for himself.

While at Port Wander, Fel engineered an attempt to steal the Mnemolith that held the location of The Righteous Path. While not successful in stealing it, he was able to learn the location through psychic contact with the stone.

While in the Magoros system, he sent his servant, Lady Ashe, to investigate several planets while he and his ship, the Fel Hand, investigated elsewhere.

Following the Harbinger of Glory’s arrival at the location of the Righteous Path, he revealed his ship and sent his emissary to negotiate with the Explorers. The negotiations failed, and Hadarak decided that if they wouldn’t surrender the potential treasures he would have to take them. Something that also did not go well!

He spent the next few weeks enjoying the luxurious comforts of the Harbinger of Glory’s “Luxury Brig”. Finally released by Aurora Black onto Footfall, with only his wits, his weapons, a powerful psychic witch, his 200 or so die-hard loyal crew and his vast wealth kept at several banks and hidden caches. Though obviously annoyed at losing the Fel Hand, he figured “easy come, easy go” and so he obtained passage to Port Wander, to rendevue with a ship he was finalising the purchase of.

Hadarak Fel

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