Badb Ra

Eldar corsair


Badb’Ra wears ragged clothing adorned with bone fetishes over her tightly fitted carapace armor. Though she is quite beautiful by human standards, her visage remains alien.

Having stalked the Explorers through the mazes of Egaria, this Eldar Corsair was cornered by them. The xeno explained her presence as being there to prevent the Rak’Gol gaining access to the maze. When the opportunity arose, Badb’Ra charged to the centre of the maze, avoiding the monster for her own reasons.

The Lady-Captain was enraged and ordered her subdued. Badb’Ra explained that she know the secret to locking the maze forever and merely needed to retrieve the Hollow Atlas to prevent it falling into Rak’Gol hands. With the Magos having strapped some explosives to her, Badb’Ra agreed to activate the maze, allowing for the Explorers to make their escape to the entrance.

Badb’Ra did not meet with the Magos to have the explosives disarmed, so is either dead or escaped in some other manner.

Badb Ra

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