Art Tenfold

A Bishop posted onto the Harbinger of Glory. He loves Sigmund Severius for his faith and for shouldering many responsibilities on board the ship


A fan of pomp and ceremony, Art personifies the ostentatiousness that can sometimes be part of the Imperial Cult. With the official diocese of “the space fleet of the Black dynasty”, Art has spent the better part of the last 60 years in orbit over Malfi, tending to the faithful congregation of the Harbinger of Glory.

The Bishop’s habit of delivering his sermons in High Gothic and ignoring requests and petitions has had the effect of alienating many of his flock, who sought more understandable explanations of the Emperor. In addition, Art Tenfold refuses to acknowledge the ghosts on the Harbinger of Glory, dismissing them as rumours and scaremongering and the traditions surrounding the ghosts as near-heretical attempts to subvert true belief.

The arrival of Sigmund Severius has done much to re-energise the Bishop, who saw in the younger man a charismatic figurehead that can better sway the crew.

Art Tenfold

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